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Wow I have to say that was really short but Glad to see it was to introduce somthing new, the starwell character is pretty nifty and a good voice he kind of went out with a bang on this one, so this was actually pretty funny and amusing I was very entertainined with this one.

Could have been longer and maybe an extra scene or two.



So this was a fun little story you have here some really nice things going on and happening it was really fun a good LL movie with a nice cute story I have not seen a lock film in awhile and this one was really refeshing so really nice job indeed on this one you do some good work and it shows onlything I would ad to this one would be ad some more flashy effects and such

Maybe some flashy effects added



You sure do have alot of these they are pretty amazing the narrative is really the best part to this whole piece you bring up some good points and voice is just really solid work the the animation is great as always and the characters are cute and adorable so nice solid work here so once again fantastic work you have here I really enjoyed this one

Just make more


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Fun game

So here was a fun little game you have here it's pretty entertaining and based around Christmas very holiday style so nice job I think you could ad more to this game like a mini bonus room for some extras but regardless the awards won was well deserving so props to you for that it was a pleasure to review this game it was really fun indeed anyways untill next time keep making awsome stuff

As suggested above


Cool game

well this was a cool game you have some good ideas here and the controls are really decent the gameplay is really smooth and played well I had fun with this one and you presented it well and was really entertaining of a game I suggest make more games like this because you know how to make them work well and of course they are fun so nice idea anyways fun game and keep up the amazing work I look forward to even more

Make more of these fun games


Very nice game

So this was cool you have a very nice game here here I like the defend your castle or temple in this case very good idea and it was fun also I like the fact it has a Jewish element makes for good diversity so props to you on that aspect of things and congrats on the award that was also well deserved as for changes or something new don't think you need any changes on this fine piece here

A fun game no changes needed at this time


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Cool mix

So this was a cool mix of soundwork you really know how to bring it all together and make a good mix here the melody was really good and just worked well from a to b I was really enjoying this and really liked what you did with the ending here some small build ups wouldn't hurt but honestly this was a real solid piece you have here

Some small build up but not much


Really deep

So this was really deep here some really nice work the strings was a nice touch and the sound quality was really top notch I do however. Think you could ad much more mixture and various random sounds even but regardless of all that you do have a really nice piece here it has some nice sound work here indeed and hope you make more of this top quality sound works I look forward to even more from you

More mixture of different variations and sounds


Wow nice

Wow this was nice I love the build ups in this but seems like you could have even more build up. You have a nice style and there is some good melody feel to this even you have an amazing piece of work here and really just a beautiful sound so the onlything I would really ad would be more intense build up but anyways that's just one idea what you have is pretty good stuff

More intense build up


DerpCatOfficial responds:

thanks ;)

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Very nice

So this was really nice work here I really liked the pose here and all the elements there's some decent emotions going on but some added effects and props in the background would be nice I would like to see more background detail and effects but other then that this is a brilliant piece you have here and I'm pretty amazed with all that you have done here so untill next time keep them coming



So this was cute and very adorable I love the colors used here and some nice style of background design too seems simple and lacking of more background design I also think adding some frames on this purplish would be nice and accent on this whole piece well so nice job indeed here keep up the amazing work and hope to see much more soon



Looks like a massive fire explosion the drawing itself is really nice and I really like the structure here her pose is just so perfect even the expression on her face I think you should have put more flames in the background though and more props in the background even just an idea here but overall this was pretty good indeed so nice work and nice structure


profannytea responds:

Thank youuu! :D

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