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Posted by XwaynecoltX - January 29th, 2019

Waynes World Web-Comic Series

Waynes world is a fun humor adventure web comic that me and quisty have started and worked on feel free to check out the issues that are out and feel free to check out the cover pages too. just a fun seies I have worked on here and there when I have time.


Issue #1 (The Delivery) https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/xwaynecoltx/the-cronicles

Issue #1 (The Delivery) COVER PAGE https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/xwaynecoltx/waynes-world-cover-page-1-the-delivery


Issue #2 (Bob) 



Posted by XwaynecoltX - May 17th, 2018


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Posted by XwaynecoltX - December 3rd, 2016

I will be strong


Posted by XwaynecoltX - December 2nd, 2016



Just a little something for you, This song kinda says how things are at the moment, But my passion and love do not die, It didnt die all those years ago, And it wont die, even if it gets a little hard at first Just know you have my heart and soul and you are missed every sleeping and waking moment.

So wherever you may be dont get scared dont fear the worst, Just think that there is this soul thinking of you and loving your heart and soul, As always I am here waiting on your love.


Posted by XwaynecoltX - November 21st, 2016

What can I say to show you that your place should be with me, I have said and explained it all the time, but you chose to live a life that doesnt give you more of what you want.

Let me give you or atleast try and give you what you want atleast with me I will give you that love and touch you desire, and I will never give up on that love, let me heal you, let yourself heal me, let us hold eachother under the moon and kiss softly as we watch our child play under the stars.

I love you I dont just say that, I speak it from the heart and I would do anything for you even just a touch of your skin or a wink at you from afar, maybe a smell of your hair, but regardless you are all I have ever wanted all my life, and while I hid from you, I never stopped loving you, there would be days that your name came up and all I saw in my mind was you beautifull smile and cristaylized eyes.

There was times I had been in my darkest moments. but just the thought of you gave me that smile, there have been somany times I would be so depressed and sad but its always you that made me happy.

So thats why this time in my life is hardest because I need you, I want you and want to grow old with you.


Posted by XwaynecoltX - November 16th, 2016


As I look back on all the good times and even some bad times and to where we have come now, we have covered a lot of ground, I look back at all the stuff we did maybe an art piece maybe a love poem, or maybe just a short letter looking for eachother.

As I look back on all we did, it brings a tear to my face, but also brings a smile to my lips, Cant explain why I action this way or that way, And now things have really pushed our hearts forward.

As I look behind us and see all the good and bad, I only know that I cant erase the bad from our memories, but Im glad I cant erase the good times. there was a good connection and there is one today. A connection that seems pretty strong, and its not an ifatuation or even lust, but much more then all that, its a love that has been growing over time, even a love that has grown so much stronger.

AS I look forward, I see a Vivid future of me and you, walking down a rainy sidewalk holding hands, letting the rain fall on our faces.

AS I look forward, I see a future of us building something that we have always wanted for so long, a future of us bringing something special into this world. And a future of where we can finally touch and allow that love to finally grow into what it was meant to be.

And As I look forward I see a future that only I want with you, because I have loved you for so long and everytime we say goodbye I break down everytime you walk away, thats a feeling I dont want to re-live.

So as I look at you I can only see a future that I want, and a future you want,  a future with a kiss, a future with a ring, and a future with passion, a future with me and you.

If I saw you today I would cry and wouldnt let go of you, as I would have tears down my face, I would grab you and just kiss you, and never let go, my love is not just some thing, its the type of love that I would do anything for you and do anything to make you smile.


Posted by XwaynecoltX - November 4th, 2016

What can I say, there is nothing I can say, all I know is I wont be the same, I always want you happy and would do anything for your happiness, but if its to shatter my heart then I wont be the same, I can only accept what you wish.

I dont want just a moment with you, I want a lifetime with you, I want to be there for you when you cry or when you are down, I want to be there for you to hold you tight, and I want to be there to pick you up.

As always Im here for you and I will never turn you away, Ill never hate you, I will never block you, I can only give you my heart.


I know I made a mess of things all those years ago, but honestly I would make it up with a lifetime of love and passion, because thats all I have for you, this love is no lust, it is how I have felt all these years, the passion I bring you isfrom me to you now and forever.

Some say that these could be just words written down, but for me it is how I feel, and always will, and theres no changing that, I can hide my feelings and live a normal life, but I dont want a normal life, I want a life with you. and if thats normal then ok but if its wild and crazy then so be it thats what I want with you, because a life without you just wouldnt be the same, it would change me for sure. Im not the same now always wondering what you will do. and it just breaks my heart into pieces at the idea that I cant be with you. Honestly I wont be the same I would just burry all that stuff inside for another ten years, And live the NORMAL life or maybe the world has other plans for this soul, I honestly cant take this pain anymore it dwells deep within me. Over the years I have thought of you and always wondered what you were doing and wondered if you were looking up at the moon as I was, Over the years as life was going by Feelings and thoughts came to me and just wondered what you were thinking, maybe it was all the pain I caused or maybe it was that smile, and for all the pain, I can never forgive myself.

But what I can do is love you till the end of this time like I always have, Not a day has gone by that I have missed your voice, your cute laugh and sexy voice, or that creative art you bring to the world. I even miss the fights because in reality maybe thats how I held onto you.

And as I have grown not only in age and life, I have grown to know that all of me loves all of you, with all your good and all your bad, It dont matter to me because All I want in life is for you to grab this mans hand and start that adventure. But what can I do. onlything I honestly know is that I love you and always will.


Posted by XwaynecoltX - October 21st, 2016

Life is hard  to give up is the easy way, I have never been one to just give up especially about something so passinate to me, I guess life would be easier for everyone if I did just give up,  I just cant stop what the heart desires :(

You do what you need to do I cant stop you or change what you have planned, and I can not forget you I never will, I been living in darkness for 10 years and while I do want the best for you. I do love and care for you more then you realise,

I cant move on from you, while it is easy for you too i guess understand. I will be here like I have always said my door is always open. and i honestly mean that. I can not close the door from something I have loved for so long.

Im glad you wrote me that first time, Thats all I ever wanted over those ten years, and its not "HOPE" you do it because you have wanted something too. I think we both know I bring something great to the table, As for me in my situation, not sure what to say about it, I know for sure Im not happy in that situation and there will be a time when I  live for me, what does that mean I dont know.

What else can I say that I have already said, I dont know, I wish you the best in your safe life, but sometimes theres a deeper feeling within us all. and sometimes its hard to avoid that.

its sad it really is sad how you want to deal with this because I know we have helped eachother in these wild emotions, But I will say it again. Im here for you if you ever need a kind soul to laugh with, discuss and talk my door is open always and my heart is always open, and that will never change.