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Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Differant but kinda nifty

Sometimes you see alot of flashes and once inawhile you get someting differant and unique like the one you are presenting here, this one is pretty interesting and has some good visuals that really get you into it so for me this is a great flash here. So as i get into this flash more i find it more and more interesting the relation to you tube was kind of interesting and i found it good and bad at times but mostly pretty funny, the "ANIMATION" could have been better maybe abit smoother and maybe more detail aswell, So not to jibber jabber, ill make this short, Good flash funny and amusing, and in the ending notes of this review, it was something dfferant with some nice visuals and has some entertainment value and thats something we all look for, so in my opinion you did great here, keep that style up and make many more syuff like this, i do look forward to more stuff like this, anyways hope to see more of your work soon.

And on the improvment side of things, theres not much to say on the matter since most of it was pretty straight forward but i suppose if anything can be helped, I guess i would start with. some better "FLOW"of Animation it could also use more detail invisuals, but thats about it.

Hash and Pot do a runner Hash and Pot do a runner

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cute little flash here

I found this to be Enticing some advanced insight seemed to make this work, so you do know what you are doing and it shows in the work here and i was glad to see what you came up with, not perfect here but still something of some interest and it only gets better from here on out, so i hope to see more from you, but lets get to this review with some more detail. Haha ok this was kind of amusing, i like the scene with beevis and butthead, and the starship enterprise was notbad either, The text bubbles were notbad, the "FILM" itself was kind of short but you made it pretty entertaining, some suggestions of improvment would probably be to add some voices to the dialog and make the "TEXT" much larger as it was kind of hard to read. other then that it was pretty amusing. I was most amazed with all the little stuff this flash had to offer, it was alot of little things that really made me enjoy this flash, so a good effort put fourth and was pretty good i thought keep at it and keep making facinating stuff like this. and dont forget detail is everything, some extra detail never hurt either, anyways nice Flash entry.

You have something alright here, The Bonus was all the extra in this, but i think there could possibly be some more extras aswell, Despite any negitive-ness i would like to suggest some possible ideas that could help make this better, A few things i noticed was that you could make the view screen larger, including the text and text bubbles, then you ould add some voices for some better dialog.

A battle to the Death A battle to the Death

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice intro

Great stuff here but that goes without saying some improvments could be made and i may suggest some later, but right now i want to say i had fun and was excited all the way through with this, very amusing what you had here, keep at it, So i really liked the intro you had going on this one, it presented some nice animation and was kind of long but it was kinda neat to have kinda like a lil story, Infact the animation after the bests was nice too and the first medal was pretty good. and easy. you should have a "SKIP" button to skip past the intro if you are playing the gamemore then once, unless i have missed it. The "MEDALS" seemed way too easy maybe you can add some extras that are harder, or more medlas all around. And so it comes to an end, i had an alright time with this entry, there was some nicfty and differant element of stuff, but you had some good structure about everything, and i cant wait to see what changes you do make with this one so keep at it and let it ride to glory.

So there is alot to go through and sometimes we need to improve on things we may have missed, i have suggested a few ideas that i hope you will improve on and make it all fun submission for everyone, So go with some new changes and let it flow with new experiences. Add a skip button to the long starting intro, Decent medals here i really had fun with that, still think it could use much more medals then that, just had too few medals on here, needs more.

Recent Game Reviews

Charlie Buchanan: Job Charlie Buchanan: Job

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good game

Now here was a game that was not the best of games out there but i did find some interest in it and by the end it had some suprizes. That was a fairly easy and quick game and only one medal was ok but i think this could be better with more medals and more end results, but you had some nice graphics and the voice-overs were really welldone, and this game has some good potential for being even bigger and badder, When you are hungry you are hungry and from the details of this game you were very hungry for making this game fun, the quality shows verywell, so stay hungry for other works like this because its a fun game and a fun experience all around.

So anyways lets get tosome help areas here that will help and improve on this game. Adding more medals would be key, and having different results would be a plus but just the one medal is so-so.

Boy Band Tycoon Boy Band Tycoon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Kind of nifty game here

OK so i had a fun time with this entry you brought everything forward and with some good feel to it, most the elements you pushed on this was pretty good, and i really enjoyed everything so great start to something really good here, hope you keep that level of quality up. The music was really good on this, Alright this was a tricky game but atleast some of the medals were easy to get wich i liked, Would have been nice to have more options, and even some more medals, but for the most part this was a fun game and entertaining ofcourse, you have alot of good ideas here. Now this being a game and all, there were some nice elements about it, but also there could be some small changes and i will get to that below somewhat, but other then that this was pretty good, keep up your efforts because its well noticed.

And that was a pleasure, i do have some possble ideas, suggestions and some tid bits of advice that could help to improve on a few things here and there so do think about those possibilities, for this and even future stuff. Some more medals and more options would be nice.

60s Burger Run 60s Burger Run

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very fun game you have here

So these types of game entries are not the easiest to review or even suggest improvments so i will try my best, but from what you have sofar, you have done alright but hope to get some more helpful tips to you throughout this review. Ok so this was a very fun game, very entertaining, it has some interesting things to see and do, it does have an old-school feel to it with jumping and snashing blocks and beating times so that was a plus, the "GRAPHICS" are great the sounds are even better in really had some fun with this, It also kind of reminds me of a mario bros game so maybe thats why i like it, I really like this because you really give the game a fast paced "MOMENTOM" and thats what really keeps it good, maybe as a suggestion of improvment you can have a "TIME-TRIAL" option where one can practice on some of the other levels, andyways good game ill be adding this one to my faves list. ending a review is always the hardest for me because theres always something else to mention and whatnot, but maybe you can go with what works and for the most part you have done well, there might be a few things that could be better.

I may have a few ideas left here to offer, so i do hope you get something out of it and hope it does help for improving things here so i have gone ahead and posted a few basics here and there in hopes you can take that and make a much better product. So i suggested a time trial option so you can test other stuff out and such, but for the mostpart this was pretty interesting and very entertaining so nice job indeed. maybe even adding some more nifty medals would be another plus.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Art Art

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Now its tracks like this that are exactly perfect but not exactly bad either infact i liked this because it was somewhere in the middle and started out decently. Hmm so nice sounds here seemed a little scratchy in the start in the backround it could be nothing but maybe something you can look into it, but i do like the sounds you have here with some nice effects aswell, not perfect but a good piece indeed. And to end things here on a good note, i did enjoy your piece here with its interesting style, the quality could be slightly better but overall this was notbad.

And so here we are with some improvment ways and i hope that whatever i do suggest does help or atleast you look into them a bit, but anyways lets get to some improvments. So i did mention a couple of things that could be touched on for some better success, but there really was no issue's other then some quality ones and some slight static in the backrounds, other then that this was notbad.

Arecibo8 Arecibo8

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Alright so not a bad tune here it was interesting and i like the vibe you gave off on this, so nice job here i suppose there are some things that can be worked on but thats a few words for later, you do have something interesting. This here was not a bad tune and i do like the slow tune this starts out with, there does seem to need a more ending to it kind of like a sort of climax and whatnot. but sofar i do like what you have presented here. And overall with this piece you have shown that you know how to get things done with some quality, now just a few tweeks here and there.

Alright so with this piece it was good and you showed the quality and the imagination thruout maybe a few tweeks hare or there could spice it up. The whole piece was pretty good, i think only the ending was in need of some attention and maybe a bigger finish of an ending, and as mentioned some more climax there at the end.

Another Short Riff of Death Another Short Riff of Death

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Alright so this was an interesting mixture of sounds i do like what you have here even if it may or may not be my taste of music, but i thought it was still interesting. Now this was a bit harder then i am use too but since it is somewhat older i will give you a break, it is kind interesting though and maybe it can be a tad longer somehow. And so here we come to another end to another review, this was an interesting piece and while this review is coming to an end but before i do end it i would like to say this was nifty and i did find some use for this.

So here is where i can suggest some ideas, and tips that may help so maybe you can use some of these options but if not then its all good but anyways here is what i came up with, This tune could be a tad longer maybe mix up the hard sounds with a build up and some softer touches in there as-well.

Recent Art Reviews

Agent Carolia Agent Carolia

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice color and standing out

Now im not too much educated on this style of art but i must say it did catch my eye and i was pleasently pleased how this came up, and as i continue on in this review i hope to enjoy even more on what you have presented. A nice piece you have here you really made the color come alove and you have also showd the emotion in the characters face which made for some good realism, and i also like how the backround was abit bland as to focus more on the character. i do however think there could be some more shine on the armor plate she has on, more shine and maybe even some war marks. And so i am almost at the end here of this review but i have enjoyed your work here, and through out this review i may suggest some positive options that can smooth it out somewhat but if you dont use any, thats cool too.

so in this case i do have a few tips of helpful options and hope they could help to improve on some things, and i do hope you will look into some of these. So a few things that could give this some more realisim, would be adding some war dmg like explosion smoke some gashes and dents in the armor, then maybe some shine on some corners would also be a big plus.

Rennis5 responds:

you make some fair points, thank you dude :D

Lead the way Lead the way

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Now this is something intersting

Now this kind of art is always a fave of mine as its different and brings a certain unique to the front end, and thats all good as these are nifty styles and of great interest. I do like this piece and like most of your work it is always differnt and unique now ofcourse being me and enjoying some color this might of been cool with a tad of color, maybe like the skeliton could have been red, or even maybe in the backround raining red raindrops. but anyways you do have a decent piece here, even if it is black and white nice shading all around maybe adding some more shine and lighting effect off there heads would be another plus, And so with all that said i dont wish to bore you here, but your piece of art is notbad some areas could be worked on but it was a pleasent experience and i hope you keep this style up.

Ok so nice work there are some things that you could do just small things that will make this smoother and maybe even appeal more to other audiances and maybe all it is, is a catch of the eye detail, but anyways here is what i came up with. So as mentiond some color in there maybe one of the characters or maybe something in the backround like rain of some sort, i also wouldnt mind seeing some more shine on some of there heads as there seems to be some light coming from off there.

Last Rain Last Rain

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice work

Alright so this is something neat where you have shown some different elements to express different events here and some are good and some could be details more, but sofar i like what you have done here. So i am getting alot from this piece here, the rain the short circuits, the splashing of the rain aswell, it seems to all come together in a moment of relaxation for this character, there are some things i thought you could work on though such as, the short circutts could have a more glow to them and whatnot. And so here is the end of my review but i did enjoy the different elements and such that brought this piece out, some little changes as mentioned could improve on this piece.

OK so through-out this review i have suggested a few areas and things that can be improved on the key points of improvment are below again for your use, and i enjoyed your work and hope you make more stuff like this. the short circiuts could have a more glow to them more lighted areas there and maybe evenputting some moon in the backround will give it more of a dark feel in the backround.