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-Ab0ve the cl0uds- -Ab0ve the cl0uds-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice and classy

So this was a nice and classypiece here, not perfect but has some nice feel to it and itjust runs through with some good sounds here, so not perfect but not bad either. Alright this was a classy tune here the oiano playing is pretty smooth and it all seems to come together very well here, there was some slight static in the backround but very little, the drums and piano really work well together here, a good piece if you ask me, And to end it here ill leave it at that a decent piece not much at all needed for some improvments but still a classy piece if you ask me, so i will say keep up the good work, and hope to hear more from you soon.

Not sure how to improve on this piece as its a pretty solid piece, but i will do my best here to add some insight on somethng but regardless this was notbad. Alright so here is what i came up with, it could be a tad longer, there was some slight static that doesnt really bother anyone but something to look into, other then that this was notbad at all.

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1zin1 responds:

I don't know how your comment slipped by me for so long, and i apologize for that.
But i REALLY appreciate the comments and well constructed critique.
Granted this song is a couple years old now, i admire your attention to helping me improve.
Thanks again for the comment. :D


The Noble Cause (song) The Noble Cause (song)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its stuff like this that really take me back on these types because they show the quality and time, and really give off a nice feeling to them, so keep up this kind of tune as its very pleasent This was an interesting tune like a song and it really shows the effort and time that must have gone into this, it sounds decenthas a soft feel and touch on this, i wouldnt mind more of a edge and such but it was pretty good regardless. And to end things here, keep up the style, keep up the effort, and keep making these types, let inspiration take a hold of it and let it shine like no other, sorry if i got corny there but let it flow as you do.

And so i may have some possble ideas here, but honestly you have a good piece already and you could leave it as is and it would still be fine, but here are some ideas kinda basic but they should still work if you are still updating and if not good luck with future stuff. Well like i said there is not much at all that needs changing but maybe throw in some more edge more beats to a darker feel just so that there is more build up.

samulis responds:

Thanks for the review. It's a bit too late to go back and change anything on this piece, it's from a rather long time ago! But thank you for the ideas. :)

Death Slumber Death Slumber

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like it

A good piece here, it was a nifty track with a little extra added and that went along way in making this a pretty good piece of quality. there are some possble changes that i will explain later, but i like what you have done sofar, sokeep that energy going. This was notbad i did notice there was some static to it though, maybe that could be cleared up it could be on purpose thouse but it didint sound right for some reason, but regardless i still thought the tune was pretty decent, but regardless its notbad work,hope to hear more of your work soon, And nowto end this, but not before i coment on your piece, there is some slight work to be done but you still know what you want and like and thats all that really matters so keep up the good sound work its looking good sofar.

And now for some changes that will make things work and sound slightly better with this one it was already pretty good, So here is what i came up with wich is probably not the greatest but its something to work with and you have the go ahead to make any changes you see fit. So with some changes like with the static and all this might have more clear and sharp sounds unless that was your whole idea from the start.

TheHeartgrinder responds:

Man I got to this one SUPER late. Sorry about that.

Glad you enjoyed this one. But this is one of those things that will remain what it is. I've since lost the dream and would feel a great amount of guilt proceeding with production without it.

Less Than Zero Less Than Zero

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Decent track here

Something of a unique taste here with this one, it was a good tune and could use some extra tid bits here and there but maybe something just a tad more differant even random. Now as soon as i started this it was really fast and deep, i like the fastness of it and there was some good variaty this is a real kicking beat, it could use some slowing down here and there but not much, maybe add some odd and random sounds a swell. like some random instrament or something. And to close this out i must say you have a good tune here not the most perfectest one but it was still interesting, So with that keep making the awsome pieces.

And so i am not any expert of any music at all but there are some points you could focus on more maybe with some more effort, so here are some possible improvment tips. So you have some nice sounds here but it could use some slowing down in some parts then you could build it back up and such, there was some static aswell maybe that can also be cleared up somewhat.

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M0N573R responds:

Can't argue with any of this! Thanks :)

Yeah, the static--I tend to overdo it with the distortion in post.

You're suggesting to shake it up with some random sounds. My excuse is that I originally intended for this to have vocals throughout. I'll either do that or take your advice with some guitar, I think.

Night Shade Night Shade

Rated 4 / 5 stars

And here we are with another good piece here, it was a good entry and glad i had a chance to check this one out, its a fan fave for me as soon as i started it, i enjoyed it right away so nice job on this one. Now here was something of some really good quality. it was pretty good and really can get into it as soon as it starts the music you bring forward really connects well, and while it is called a "LOOP" you seem to really bring it out of a loop and more into a song, so nice tune here i thought it was pretty amazing. And so that brings us to the end here, i enjoyed your work it was interesting and unique and somewhat differant but most of all pretty decent.

Improvments on something that is already pretty good, is always hard but im sure we can find up a few ideas and some advice , so ill add that in just a tad. I think you did everything great with this one, solid buildup, nice quality, maybe adding a few more sounds of unique sounding in there even some random variaty of sounds aswell.

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BillBonham responds:

Thanks for the review!

Android Techno RMX LOOP Android Techno RMX LOOP

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Could be longer

I like this track, allthough this could use abit more too it, for the mostpart i thoght it was pretty good but could use that one extra touch if you know what i mean, so you could look into some things with this one. Hmm well this was kind of interesting, allthough you had it as a loop, it was not that short but more like an acual beat wich was pretty good, seems like you could really add more to this one though. you have a good quality piece here and i really like your style and the way you attak it so nice job. And with all that said i hope that this could become even better then it already is, i found it interesting and entertaining, could use that tad bit more.

Well as i have just explained this could have some extra touched here and there, i will get into more detail if i havent already, but ill throw out some possible idea or ideas. Could be longer with more longer-ness too it and such more like a long beat. cause you already have the vibe it just runs short.

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TastyTeo responds:

This is something i did in ... minutes... i know what's missing here but thanks for your suggestions :D i know i just ignored most of the basic shit sorry ^_^

Orgonomy Orgonomy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good quality tune

A good find today in the audio portal, i am actually glad ipicked this one because it has a unique and quality sound, so thanks for the effort there you really showed me there is still some great stuff around. I love how this gets started, and really takes off and you really have this like a song and thats what caught my attention right up first, so nice job on this one, the "QUALITY" is very good too and you basicly have a well directed tune here with some awsome quality to it, maybe change it up with some mixes and variaty but other then that this was pretty fantastic. So i will end this review in abit but nice job here some good quality, and overall great style with this tune, doesnt need much improvment but i will get into that.

So You do have some good tune here so ill do my est to suggest some ideas or ideas and hope it helps but in the end you have something pretty good here and might not need much at all. So as mentioned above, i thought that there could be some slight more variaty, and more mixing of stuff in there.

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spot1techno responds:

Hi! Thank you very much. (=

Escape the Scape Escape the Scape

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I love this sound

Very nice sounds you have here, and some decent quality, allthough maybe some extras could be added, but besides that i thought this was a pretty good entry of a tune. So you have a nice and unique sound i like how you even mix it up as it progresses, you really change it up here and there and thats pretty impressive, the "QUALITY" is pretty good aswell, so the variaty and diverity is great and some good sounds so nice job there. What else can i say that i have not already, but you do have something interesting here, its kinda neat the way this all cameout, and wouldnt mind some more into this but i will get into that.

So with some slight improvments here allthough you may not need it, but besides that ill suggest a few ideas and options and maybe you can roll with it, and if not then it is all good since you do have something decent here. Maybe adding some more variaty like some deeper sounds mixed in with what you have, might add to the variaty.

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frizzyo responds:

Thanks for the well thought out critique. I'm always looking for opinions so I can improve. I've actually been working on honing my skill with effects and harder styles. I'm just making sure I've got it really down before I attempt making an actual song with them. I'll be uploading more songs in the future, and MUCH more often than I have been. And thank you!

(HoS) Action Movie WIP 2 (HoS) Action Movie WIP 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good quality here

Here we have a decent tune, somethings could be better though and i will ofcourse get to that later, but i guess that all comes ahnd and hand, so nice job on what you do have, I wouldnt mind checkoing out more stuff soon, but anyways good track sofar. A decent tune here,the starting was notbad and it actually has a good touch here but as you get on into it like the middle its has a change and that was pretty cool, i also like that there was some sort of "BUILD-UP" but i do think there should be more of a build up there, The drums were pretty cool and were a big part of this whole tune so nice job on this whole piece i really liked it. maybe more build up though on your future projects. So as i have listened to this track a few times its interesting some parts could be better, but it was a pretty good tune, it was differant in someways but most of all i did like what you presented here and ill just say keep going with that, its decent stuff.

And while we do have something good here theres always some room for improvment, and i hope you will take some of the ideas i have offererd you here some suggestions can go a long way so please do concider them, but anywayskeepup the good work. More build would be nice with this one.

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HonorOfStyle responds:

Thank you Thank you, Dude! Your advice is very helpful! I'll keep that in mind as I'm working on the next release of this song, as well as future pieces. Thanks!!

-*}MAC{*-Fractal Memories -*}MAC{*-Fractal Memories

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good track

You have a good track here it was interesting, and sometimes it felt differant, Im not good on judging audio stuff, but i must say that this was still alright now that doesnt say that it cant be improved, but thats more for later. And here we are at the end of this review, and what i do have to say is this was an impressive entry you have, allthough i wouldnt seeing more of this on a bigger front but i suppose thats for another time, anyways good piece here. This was cool, it was kind of like a "BATTLE" scene and you have presented that very well a good tone and good sound here, I really like the "HARP" sounds you have in here, it really made for a something unique you should actually add more of the harp in this track, and the same would go for the "FLUTE" So anyways goodtune here could be used for alot of differant situations in movies and games, but overall this was pretty good.

And for improvments its always hard to judge on stuff from the audio portal but i guess that withsome slight changes anything can be better so ill post up a few ideas unless its totally not in your interest, but besides that here you go. So some ideas i was throwing around that could use some focus like, more use of the harp and flute to give it some depth.

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed, even though it was a bit hard to follow at times!