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10/06/17  :(

 8/92017  Video added

Another poem story

Just trying to be me for the mostpart its ok I guess  life without you is hard but I know if you are out there I wish you the best and my door is alway open  even though I said it closes it never has in 15 years, but I am in a better place now in life you opened my eyes up to not settle because its so eay to settle and be safe, but to trully be happy one must make the jump and find one self.

#17 is still ok for me but eventually I will move closer to work, I miss you I think of you daily and realise e mistakes I have made and wish I could go back in time and make the right changes right from the start. my door is always open for your heart and soul, my phone will remain the same as it has never changed  other formats are the same even if I am blocked but regardless life does go on and im here wishing you the bet and maybe one day you will see the good in me  because believe it or not  my intent has always been good.


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2018-03-06 06:55:05

I get it. Dont you worry.