2017-01-23 22:16:17 by XwaynecoltX

Some things change and some things never change, But one thing that has never changed is how I have felt for you even with this being the eve of destruction of what may not be anymore but I know I have never stopped loving who you are and who you have become, never thought we would be at this point, never thought we would take this step that either brings us life or destroys us, my intentions are never to hurt you or harm you in anyway, but one thing is important to say is that I have always just wanted to love you because you opened your heart to me, and I do believe the love you have for me and I never doubted it, the choices we make now will for surly create a path for us all, but do know I love you with all my heart and breaks my soul at the idea of losing you but even I know "TIME" will catch up to us and remove us from this place.


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