The BIG One???

2012-10-31 11:26:52 by XwaynecoltX

The BIG One heckerboard-4?



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2012-10-31 14:03:28

What a useless frontpage post.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Then dont read it, as simple as that.



2012-11-05 20:16:04

I really like that ~X~ thing you put in all your BBS posts. It adds a lot to them and doesn't belong in your forum signature at all.

XwaynecoltX responds:



2012-11-06 02:47:21

Has Newgrounds removed its "miscellaneous statistics" page? I couldn't find it last time I tried to search for "that guy who makes heaps of reviews".

XwaynecoltX responds:

I dont know.


2012-11-09 03:22:59

I'm your 100th fan! Fuck yeah, congratz man.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thank you



2012-11-14 21:57:20

How do you find the time to do some many reviews?

XwaynecoltX responds:

just been doing it for 10 years on here thats all.



2013-01-03 13:00:39

Wow, you deleted my comment. I must have a hit a nerve, since I was being more polite than usual.

It is lame that you are using a front-page newspost to showcase work you made a year ago, when other artists have more relevent, fresh stuff that deserve to be on it.