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Recently i found an advert on newgrounds and got hooked on this game, kinda like chess alot like dungens and dragons, and even more like, here is what it says about the game.


"Have you ever wanted to build a collectible card deck where your creature cards would come to life on a strategic map? And where if you defeated an opponent, your cards could "level up" becoming better versions of themselves? Regardless of whether you knew you wanted such a mish-mash of features, developer Octopi has granted your wishes in it's online CCG PoxNora. And once you figure out how it works, it's addictive."

Tiffany Martin, Computer Games Magazine
"This web-based game combines a satisfying turn-based strategy formula with the customizable and collectible nature of those insidious card games."

You pick a faction and controll 20 out of 500 chanpions and can make some of the interesting and best builds, you can also level up your champs, on the site you also get a ranking alot like newgrounds so with each game you move up rank aswell.

you can also trade your champs for new ones aswell as crafting new ones the game has a deep detail of things today and really fun aswell as its free to play.





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(lol off topic but i dont see many people make online signature anymore)
cool game though

XwaynecoltX responds:

Yeah i been doing that forever, but thanks anyways.