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A beautiful image

Posted by XwaynecoltX - December 20th, 2017




The best of times the worst of times You were the bestie that I never knew I had till it was too late now You abandon me and I cant stop you but I guess thats where life takes you, I wont beg you anymore I wont play the blocking game for one second as you do, but do know where everyou head off to you will always be in my heart, in the end I guess this is how you want things and that alone will make a grown man cry, I was nothing more then just that person to chat with I guess, I was nothing more then that person who writes stuff, I was nothing more then nothing itself....





Comments (9)

Realistic, and with a comic book inspiration if I'm not mistaken.

That it is! Wonder where it's from (something Star Wars it seems)? Just noticed you changed that iconic avatar. :O First time in... ever?

I cant seem to find the icon thing anymore I need to find it

They've merged the two of those now, so if you change your user image the avatar will get cropped from that one. :/ I'll be holding on to my current image for as long as I can with that in mind, I like having different ones...

If you're looking for your old image though, if naught else it should be floating around the Wayback Archive: https://archive.org/web/

Been used for so long it just has to be indexed.

yeah I'm looking for the old one but still cant seem to find it I'm sure if I dig thru my posts I can find it cause I may have posted for a sig thing at some point

I'm looking for the one I just had before I changed it the white face one kinda like in my sig

Aha, not sure I even saw that one... if it's recent might not have been indexed either, hope it is in a news post somewhere then.

It was a white emoji face but I'm looking for the profile pic version someone made for me cant find it at all but I like my new one I got going.

its shows X thinking on a review lol


Yeah it does look more contemplative than the last. XD Not bad.

Thank you I was afraid I had lost it its a rare image I have had since the msn days


I had a .bmp of my virginity as a profile pic.... nah, don't want no one here go looking for that

Finally found that HammyJammy guy you mentioned in the old list, turns out it was Hamy-jamy. :) No name change there I guess...

yes he had another account I belive of revers name but yeah.